ITDCI School Project

Our services are focused towards establishing your School growth, brand image, and building a strong relationship with the students and assists them to a bright career. Your quest for innovation will end with our remarkable services. . With increasing awareness & demand for e-governance, the industry is presently undergoing transition, from being to A Few to All.

Apart from the streamlined syllabus, we offer a bunch of services including web service, mobile application development and internet marketing. We have more than 1000+ satisfied customers across the globe experiencing the richness in our applications and enjoying our humble services. IT-DCI- a leading Organization puts its CSR efforts to educate children/students in IT through well-framed IT-DCI School Project. IT-DCI is spreading international quality computer literacy and education including vocational computer trainings throughout the world.

We provide customized services to the needs of each school. We are renowned for cost-effective and speedy implementation of our plans, adhering to all quality measures. IT-DCI is envisioned to bring the quality education, within the reach of more students. This method of learning process through School Project would definitely be helpful to children in enhancing their natural caliber towards basic theme of computer education. A fact about the IT-DCI School Project is the unique synchronization with the School Syllabus and Schedule.

Training and Learning Opportunities Easily Available to Students at all level.

Let Your Child Student Access the Arena to Manage the Future IT Challenges

Registration & Examination Centre shall be the location of the concerned school. Minimum 75 students per session are required to commence the IT-DCI School Project. Centre Head shall coordinate in this regard. Documents shall be verified at IT-DCI HO for processing of the certificate of each student.

 Registration & Examination

       Only Registered student is eligible to participate in the IT-DCI School Project Exam.
      Centre for the examination shall be arranged by the concerned school management.  
Minimum 75 students per session are required to commence the IT-DCI School Project.