IT-DCI- To lead the Associations of IT & ITES

IT-DCI is prepared to promote development of IT enabled services and to promote, encourage and take part in survey and research studies in the IT field.

The emphasis this year is to put in place simplified procedures and greater ease in the development of IT. “From Lead to Quality” will be the slogan  to give more impetus to quality in technical education and to be the best in the world. The role of AICTE as a regulator will be further geared up to weed out the institutions not fulfilling the norms and standards.

This manual is an attempt to provide comprehensive information on the fair and rational system of administration as well as other necessary information on the processes and Institutions under the aegis of the AICTE. The emphasis on e-governance to ensure transparency, accountability, implementing a tech-savvy approach to enable faster processing and clearly defining the infrastructural norms in Institutions are just a few pointers towards AICTE’s efforts at fostering a technical education system which is on par with the best institutions in the world.

In keeping with these objectives, ITDCI would strive to be a true facilitator in addition to fulfilling the regulatory provisions. All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depend on the education of youth. The Council has put in place several initiatives in the last two years to bring out changes in the education introducing greater transparency and accountability through the e-governance.



ITDCI Vision begins A Purposeful & Precise Education which enables each individual, institution and country to realize its highest potential, and to offer value relationship for a new, better and happier world.

ITDCI Vision follows Personal and professional development, global standards in teaching   and technology and transmission of educational at the local, state, regional, national and global levels.

ITDCI Vision helps Networking of educators involved in the creation and dissemination of holistic learning, combining deeper values and the latest technology.

ITDCI Vision accomplishes with bringing about a major change in the entire educational scene in India by initiating a creative and conscious integration of technology and Indian psychological insights into the best practices of teaching.



ITDCI Mission begins with integral development of the individual, including the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual mental.

ITDCI Mission is followed by developing new and innovative ways of imparting values, creativity, aesthetic refinement, knowledge and life-skills using the power, reach and capabilities of technology.

ITDCI Mission helps in the building of mutually supportive networks and relationships, both personal and professional, through sharing of goals, ideas, experiences, in teaching and learning by  involving all members of the society - parents, teachers,  educationists and others - in creating a life-long learning community.

ITDCI Mission is a person-centered education that is inclusive, joyful, interesting and relevant, and which can transform an entire generation of hundreds of millions of students, having very diverse social, economic, cultural, and language backgrounds.

ITDCI Mission accomplishes with the best of educational insights, knowledge and practices from the world to India, and taking the best from India to the world. You’re Passion is Our Mission




1. To provide strong platform for IT professional, academicians and concerned IT people to enhance their potential.

2. To provide constitutional and legal security by expertise panel and settle their disputes in an amicable manner.

3. To mobilize IT education through tailor made Job oriented computer course for youth from rural to urban areas in a nominal fees.