To simplify the process and attain the objective, IT- DCI has methodically prepared the set of courses, keeping in mind the concept and the concerned needs. The education & training shall be provided by the IT-DCI Authorized Professional Education Centres nationwide.

E-governance : In the twenty first century literacy includes Computer Literacy too. There will be a day when all records at the village and block level will be available at the click of a mouse. The Council is constantly endeavoring to encourage a meaningful association between the Technical Education System and Research and Development activities in a concerted effort aimed at National Mission/Polices under Social Justice, HRD, and IT of Government of India. Technical education at all levels in the country is witnessing a consistent growth pattern marked by the setting up of new Authorized Professional Education Centers/ Institutions and the Development of the existing ones in tune with the Quality Assurance norms set by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA).This will ensure transparency in administration and gradually lead to complete e-governance.

The aim of any country’s higher education system is sustainable development and achieving higher growth rates. It is enabled through creation, transmission and dissemination of IT knowledge. The INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – Development Council of India -IT-DCI has been in the existence with its mission of developing and promoting Quality Technical Education in the country in a coordinated and integrated manner as per National Mission & Polices specified under Ministry of  Social Justice, HRD, and IT- Government of India.

Considering the above realities IT-DCI INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – Development Council of India conceived the idea to upgrade computer knowledge across the nation by offering IT certified Training Programs for better prospects. IT-DCI helps to protect their interests and to struggle for their legitimate rights and general extension of computer literacy and vocational computer education. To minimize fee for computer higher education, IT-DCI supports to organize syllabuses on the subjects of Information Technology, organize campus and seminars of experts to provide a forum and facilities for the exchange of information and experience at grass root level.

The Leading Council of IT-DCI is prepared to promote development of IT enabled services and to promote, encourage and take part in survey and research studies in the IT field.

"A meaningful association between the Technical Education System and Research and Development".
National Mission & Polices as under Ministry of  Social Justice, HRD, and IT - Government of India.