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Welcome! Padma Shri D. R. Kaarthikeyan,Director General, National Human Rights Commission,(India)

ITDCI Team & the Board –ITDCI is delighted to Award ‘Lifetime Honorable Membership’ to Padma Shri D. R. Kaarthikeyan. We are proud to have his valuable association and wish to gain substantial development in the interest of Indian citizen across the globe. We Heartily Welcome! The Dignitary Padma Shri D. R. Kaarthikeyan in the World of IT, our committed team is further empowered to face the future hindrances and the global competition. We shall always look forward to his guidance & direction for the development of members.

National IT Literacy Mission 2014-15

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IT Icons - Well Wishes

  • Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

    Ex-President of India

  • Azim hashim Premji

    Chairman of Wipro Limited

  • Bill Gates

    Chairman of Microsoft

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    Founder of Facebook

  • Steve Jobs

    Founder of Apple

  • Narayana Murthy

    Infosys mentor Narayan Murthy

  • Rahul Gandhi

    General Secretary of the Indian National Congress

  • Sachin Pilot

    Minister of State, Minister of Communications & IT

  • Kailash Vijayvargiya

    State Cainet Minister Minister of Industries & Employment

Eminent Patron-ITDCI

Mr. Anup Bagla – Expert Consultant-Process & Environment

The Board of ITDCI is proud to Honor Membership to Mr. Anup Bagla- Consultant-Process & Environment and holds Special Expertise/interest in Learning,Creativity,HRD, and Social with Sustainable Development. Thanks to Mr. Anup Bagla for the patronage extended to ITDCI members /stakeholders.Presently he is engaged & provides customized Consultancy services related to Process & Environment. Beneficiaries comprise of National Multinational Organizations viz. Stanley Consultants (India) Pvt. Ltd., Nippon Koie and other Organizations at different project sites in India AND now ITDCI-India to facilitate ‘National IT Literacy Mission” ...

Distinguished Members

  • 193511-Mr. Yudhister Naniwal- Director Center Tecnocratz Institute of Advanced Technologies

    Solan H.P.

  • 193512-Mr. Abdul Rehman Khan- Director Center Milat Computers


  • 193513-Mr.Neeraj Jaiswal- Director Center: Star Coaching Computer Classes

    Bhopal M.P.

  • 193514-Mr.Ranjeet Gurjar- Director Center : Shanti Devi Computer Coaching Institute

    Indore M.P.

  • 193515-Mr. Snehal Mehta- Director Center International Institute


  • 193516-Mr. Yash Nigam- Director Center : Yash Infotech

    Ujjain M.P.

  • 193517-Mr. Ashutosh Gupta - Director Center Computer & Management Solution of Institution

    Jabalpur M.P.

  • 193518-Mr. Manish Ratilal Varia- Director Center : Infosoftech International Computer Education


  • 193519-Mr. Sreedhar Kadudula CEO : Miracle World Wide

    Hyderabad A.P.

  • 193520-Mr. Amresh Satsangi - Director Center : SIFT Campus

    Jabalpur M.P.

  • 193521-Mr. Manish Kumar Pandey- Director Center Aarna Institute of Design:

    Lucknow U.P.

  • 193522-Mr. Vara Prasad Nagidi - Director Center : Arete Services

    Vijayawada A.P.

  • 193523-Mr. Abhishek Shukla - Director Center : S P Technology

    Kanpur U.P.

  • 193524-Mr. Kammam Santhosh Kumar - Director Center : Vijayalaxmi Technologies

    Karimnagar A.P.

  • 193525-Mr. Dattatreya Patil - Director Center : Srusti Institute Computer Education


  • 193530-Mr. kiran kumar chanda : Project Manager

    Hydrabad A.P.

  • SHQ:193532-Ms.Srujana Balla-National Admin Team Member ITDCI Location:South India Head Quarters

    Hydrabad A.P.

  • 193533-Mr. Penti Chandra Shekar - Director Center : Digital Media

    Hydrabad A.P.

  • 193534-Mr. Maqdoom Hussain- Director Center: Omr Technologies

    Hydrabad A.P.

  • 193535-Mr. M.Suresh Babu - Director Center: iCommu-Tech

    Hydrabad A.P.

  • 193536-Mr. Yethi Raj - Director Center: SIST Computer Education

    Hydrabad A.P.

  • 193537-Dr. Sunil Sharma - Director -F E G

    Indore M.P.

  • 193538-Mr. Vinod Nigam - Director Center: Nigam Computer Inst.

    Indore M.P.

  • 193539- Mrs. Krishna Kumari - Director, Center: BDPS Computer Education

    Vijayawada A.P.

  • 193540- Mr. Venumadhav Bollam- Director Center : Sadrushya Global Services

    Hydrabad A.P.

  • 193542-Mr. Narendar Gitta- Director Center : Radix Info

    Hyderabad A.P.

  • 193543-Ms. B.S. Mamatha- Director Center : Spark Infotech

    Hyderabad A.P.

  • 193545-Ms. U-Seshu Latha Madhuri- Director Center : NCCE Computer Education

    Hyderabad A.P.

  • 193546-Co Member-Mr. Revanth Center : Sadrushya Global Services

    Hydrabad A.P.

  • 193547-Mr. Bharath Mamidoju- Director Center: ECOMSI

    Hydrabad A.P.

  • 193548-Co Member-Mr. CH. Ravi Shaankaar Center: ECOMSI

    Hydrabad A.P.

  • 193549- Mr. Chandar Rao.V, Director Center: Itech Plus Computer Education

    Khammam A.P.

  • 193550-Co Member- Mr.Satish.G –Partner Center: Itech Plus Computer Education

    Khammam A.P.

  • 193551- Mr K.Yaswanth – Center: SRS Technologies


  • 193552- Mr Aman Shroff – Business Analyst

    Indore M.P.

  • 193553- Mr S Venkata Siva – Center: SS Technologies

    Khammam A.P.

  • AP01: DHC-193554- Mr. Vara Prasad Nagidi – District Head Coordinator -Location: Krishna District

    Krishna A.P.

  • TG02: DHC-193555- Mr. Pawan Acharya – District Head Coordinator -Location: Rangareddy District

    Hyderabad A.P.

  • TG03: DHC-193556- Mr. Dosapati Vikas – District Head Coordinator -Location: Nalgonda-District

    Hyderabad A.P.

  • AP04: DHC-193557 Mr. S Venkata Siva - District Head Coordinator -Location: Prakasam District A.P.

    Hyderabad A.P.

  • 193558:HM- Mr. Anup Bagla,Stanley Consultants,USA

    Hyderabad A.P.India

  • AP01:01/16-:DVHC-193559 Mr.B. Vijay Kumar Reddy- Division Coordinator- Location: Gudiwada, Krishna District, AP

    Hyderabad A.P. India

  • AP05:DHC-193560- Mr. Srujan Mugulogi– District Head Coordinator- Location: Guntur District, AP

    Hyderabad- AP

  • TG06:ZDHC-193561- Mr. Maqdoom Hussain- Zonal District Head Coordinator- Location: Hyderabad District - Charminar Zone, TG.

    Hydrabad A.P.

  • TG07: ZDHC-193562- Mr. Venu Madhaw Bollam - Zonal District Head Coordinator- Location: Hyderabad District Hussain Sagar Zone, TG.

    Hyderabad A.P.

  • TG08: DHC-193563- Mr. Sachin Mammai –District Head Coordinator-: Location: Adilabad District, TG

    Hyderabad A.P.

  • AP01-AI-193564- Ms.Vara Lakshmi- Admin In-charge - Location: Krishna District, A.P.

    Krishna A.P.

  • RHC-01-193565 - Mr. Srinivas Arepalli – Regional Head Coordinator- Location: Hyderabad-India

    Hyderabad A.P.

  • TG09-DHC-193566 - Mr.Raj Kumar Kammam-District Head Coordinator-Location: Karimnagar District, T.G.

    Hyderabad A.P.

  • TG10-DHC- 193567 - Mr.Ramesh Gonela-District Head Coordinator-Location: Warangal District, T.G.

    Warangal T.G.

  • 193568:HM - Padma Shri D. R. Kaarthikeyan- Director General, National ,Human Rights Commission,(India)


  • 193569-Mr.Ranjeet Gurjar- Director Center : Shanti Devi Institute of Information Technology & Computers

    Dudhiya 452016 M.P.

  • HO:193570- Ms.Kiran Tiwari –Admin Head-Member ITDCI HOLocation : Indore

    452001 M.P. India

  • TG10:01/12:-DVHC-193571 Mr.Ranjith Kumar Beroju - Division Coordinator Location: Narsampet

    Warangal- TG: India

  • TG10:02/12:-DVHC-193572 - Ms. Samatha Kasarla - Division Coordinator Location: Warangal West

    Waranga-TG : India

  • HO:193574- Ms. Vandana Shekhawat – H R D - Head- ITDCI Member HO: Location: Indore,

    M.P. India

  • SHQ: 193575 - Ms. Sujanitha Takkalapalli – National Admin In- charge - ITDCI: Location: South India Headquarter,

    Hyderabad, India

  • AP01: 02/16:- DVHC-193576 - Mr. V. Sai Bhargav –Division Coordinator-

    Machilipatnam - Location: Machilipatnam, h4>

    Krishna District, India

  • J&K:01/DHC-193577- Mr.Tafazul Yousuf Mir – District Head Coordinator-

    Srinagar,J&K -Location: Baramulla District,

    J & K-India

  • TG: SDO -193579- Mr.Sarveshwar Edla – State Development Officer-Telangana

    Location:State Telangana


  • HM: 193580 - Mr. Krishna Mohan Yadla – Honorable Member - Location: Krishna District,

    A.P. India

  • KL01: DHC-193581- Mr. Jaimon Kuriakose – District Head Coordinator - Location: Kottayam - District.

    Kerala, India

  • DO: 193582 - Mr. Rupesh Gurjar Development Officer - Location: Narsinghgarh Rajgarh District,

    M.P. India

  • OM:193583 - Mr. Rakesh Renukuntla, Director - Blue Frames Animation, Location: Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad,

    Hyderabad - India.

  • HO: 193584- Ms. Deepali Patel, Customer Care Executive, Location: HO Indore-M.P.

    Indore - India.

  • HO: 193585 - Mr. Sourabh Chandrol, Marketing Executive , Location: Indore.-M.P,

    Indore - India

  • HM: 193586 -Sri Dr. S Vijaya Kumar -District Education Officer - Honorary Member , Location: Warangal , TG—India,

    - India

    Warangal- India


JOBS @ ITDCI Calling!

ITDCI, Works Related to Ministry of IT & HRD, requires Division & District wise coordinator on revenue sharing basis.


National Head Coordinator – India & Overseas: Mr. Sreedhar Kadudula Mob: +91 7416439276, South India HQ Ms.Srujana Balla Mob-+91 9246181836 Andhra Region: Mr. Varaprasad Mob-+91 9030009397 email: Kerala: Mr. Jaimon Kuraikose, Mob-+91 9446119885 email: Hyderabad Region: Mr. Srinivas Arepalli, Mob-+91 9494499555 North India HQ: Ms. Soniya Krishna Katta Mob-+91 8096465889 email: J & K: Mr. Abdul Rehman Khan Mob-+91 9796338175, email: Madhya Pradesh- Mr. Aman Shroff Mob-+91 8817339606


IT Development Council of India- National Head Coordinator/ Committee Board Member / ITDCI Canada Team Member.

Mr. Sreedhar Kadudula has more than 10 years Experience of Higher Education Management prior to ITDCI association. In view to manage the expanding demands from our members, centers and as well from scholars & professionals, Board ITDCI has included and upgraded South India President/ Head Coordinator Mr. Sreedhar Kadudula in the - Working Committee more

Merit: ITDCI Students

  • 70021-Mr.Sunil Kumar Tiwari

    Diploma In Computer Application

  • 70022-Mr.Siyaram Lodhi

    Diploma in Computer Application

  • 70023-Mr. Dashrath Lodhi

    Diploma in Computer Application

  • 70024- Mr. Sankar lal Mena

    Diploma in Computer Application

  • 70025-Mr. Shivam Lodhi

    Diploma in Multimedia Animation

  • 70026-Ms. Poonam Satnami

    Diploma in Multimedia & Animation

  • 70085 Ms. A.Shanthi Sudha

    certificate in computer financial accounting

  • 70086 -Ms. Amtul Zohra

    certificate in computer financial accounting

  • 70087 -Ms. Gandam Pooja

  • 70088 -Ms. K. Radhika

    certificate in computer financial accounting

  • 70089 -Ms. Kashif Ahsan

    certificate in computer financial accounting

  • 70090-Ms. N.Deeksha

    certificate in computer financial accounting

  • 70091-Ms. N.Madhuri

    certificate in computer financial accounting

  • 70092 -Ms. R.Annapurna

    certificate in computer financial accounting

  • 70093-Ms. Rahila Begum

    certificate in computer financial accounting

  • 70094-Ms. Rithika

    Diploma in Multimedia & Animation

  • 70095-Ms. Saba Farheen

    Diploma in Multimedia & Animation

  • 70096-Ms. Saniya Zareen

    Diploma in Multimedia & Animation

  • 70097-Ms. Sumithra

    Diploma in Multimedia & Animation

  • 70098-Ms. Md. Taha Uddin Ansari

    Diploma in Multimedia & Animation

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