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Padma Shri D. R. Kaarthikeyan,Director General, National Human Rights Commission,(India)

ITDCI Team & the Board –ITDCI is delighted to Award ‘Nationwide Honorary Membership’ to Padma Shri D. R. Kaarthikeyan. We are proud to have his valuable association and wish to gain substantial development in the interest of Indian citizen across the globe. We Heartily Welcome! The Dignitary Padma Shri D. R. Kaarthikeyan in the World of IT, our committed team is further empowered to face the future hindrances and the global competition. We shall always look forward to his guidance & direction for the development of members.

Public Notice- Caution

Please inform us in case you come across any such incident. Helpline: +91 7879992267, email:

This is to bring to the notice of Members and General Public that a few of our associates are misusing the name of Information Technology Development Council of India-ITDCI for their personal gains. We have observed the following evidences 1- Duplication of ITDCI as IITDCI, 2. Duplication of ITDCI Logo to cheat & misguide our Members and General Public and offering short term lucrative schemes on our various programs for which ITDCI is not liable. The Board of ITDCI has resolved to initiate legal proceeding against the group involved for the breach of trust.

IT Icons - Well Wishes

  • Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

    Ex-President of India

  • Azim hashim Premji

    Chairman of Wipro Limited

  • Bill Gates

    Chairman of Microsoft

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    Founder of Facebook

  • Steve Jobs

    Founder of Apple

  • Narayana Murthy

    Infosys mentor Narayan Murthy

  • Kailash Vijayvargiya

    State Cainet Minister Minister of Industries & Employment

New Year souvenir- Designer Bands

We intent to distribute Designer Wrist Bands to our All India Associates on the occasion of New Year 2015.

Context to this please arrange to send your details i.e. Logo, Brand Name to be printed on the Wrist Band to ITDCI HO at immediately. Each Associate is entitle for FIVE Free Designer Wrist Bands before the onset of New Year 2015. The Board of ITDCI is proud to Honor Associates for the promotion of ‘National IT Literacy Mission”

100+ Members - Recent Registered

  • HM: 193602- Mr. E. Prabhakar Reddy – District Honorary Member / District President - WADUPSA (Warangal District Un-Aided Private Schools Association)

    Location: Warangal, TG-India

  • HM:193603- Mr. Challa Dharma Reddy-M L A of Parkal / Division Honorary Member

    : Parkal, Warangal- TG-India

  • HM :193604 - Mrs.Konda Surekha – MLA of Warangal East / Location: Warangal East

    Warangal, TG-India

  • TG: 01/10: DVHC: 193605 - Mr.Pranay Karingula - Adilabad Division Coordinator

    Adilabad, TG India

  • UP01:OM14 – 193606 –Mr. Shreesh Chandra Srivastava- Director: Alambagh Industrial Training Institute

    Alambagh, Lucknow U.P. India

  • TS10: PM01: 193607 – Mr. Sambaraju Aedunuri :Hanamkonda Project Manager

    Warangal District Telangana State India

  • MP05: OM14 - 193608- Mrs.Shilpa Jain - Director – Nishir Institute of Art & Craft

    Bhopal - M.P. India

  • MITI: 193609– Mr. Vivek Dwivedi - Mentor IT –Internship

    Indore M.P. India

  • HM: 193610– Mr.Aroori Ramesh- Wardhannapet M.L.A

    Warangal- Telangana - India

  • TS10: PM02-193611– Mr.Sai Kumar Gunishetti - Warangal Circle-1 Project Manager

    Warangal- Telangana - India

  • TS10: PM03-193612 – Mr.Srimanvas Veludandi-Warangal Circle-2 Project Manager

    Warangal- Telangana - India

  • TS10: PM04-193613 – Mr.K.Prashanth - Project Manager Hasanparthy

    Warangal- Telangana - India

  • TS10: PM05-193614 - Ms.Bhagavathi Choudary - Warangal Project Manager

    Warangal- Telangana - India

  • Guj05: OM14 - 193615 - Center Head Mr. Chirag Kishor Kothari – Chairman : Inside 2Morrow Institute of Advance Information Technology - Rajkot

    Rajkot- 360001, Gujarat India

  • TS10:PM06-193616 -Mr. Daroori Revanth Kumar Acharya Project Manager - Hitech City- Hyderabad –Zone

    Hitech City Hyd –Zone TS India

  • TS10:PM07-193617 - Mr.Sripathi Mahesh – Project Manager - Kondapur, Mandal: Station Ghanpur , Hyderabad –Zone

    Station Ghanpur TS India

  • : WBk01:OM14-193618 – Mr. Raj Kumar Sharma – Center Head - Institute of IT Development- Lalbazar- Kolkata

    Kolkata -WB India

  • : JHK- R01-OM14-193619 – Mr. Ranjeet Kumar Singh – Center Head - Next Zoom IT & Education Academy – Ranchi/ Bokaro Jharkhand-

    Ranchi/ Bokaro Jharkhand India

  • : MP-BO6-OM14-193620 – Center Head Mr. Sunil Kushwaha / Mr. Neeraj Jaiswal , Director- Star Coaching Computer Classes – Bhopal M.P. India

    Bhopal M.P. India

IT Career-All India Expansion

Sunrise Opportunities at Various Levels Across the Nation, If You Aspire to Achieve Challenging Position, Don’t Risk To Miss IT.

Apply for the position suitable to your Profile & Ambition, National/State/District Head Coordinator/Center Head –Franchisee.Call +91 7879992267

P P P Planning Commission India

Planning Commission India

The justification for promoting Public Private Partnership (PPP) in infrastructure lies in its potential to improve the quality of service at lower costs, besides attracting private capital to fund public projects. This, however, is predicated on a policy and regulatory framework that provides a fair, transparent and competitive environment. Flaws in the framework can lead to unintended outcomes; a cautious and diligent approach is, therefore, necessary while formulating the rules. Source- Media- Planning Commission India

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