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Padma Shri D. R. Kaarthikeyan,Director General, National Human Rights Commission,(India)

ITDCI Team & the Board –ITDCI is delighted to Award ‘Nationwide Honorary Membership’ to Padma Shri D. R. Kaarthikeyan. We are proud to have his valuable association and wish to gain substantial development in the interest of Indian citizen across the globe. We Heartily Welcome! The Dignitary Padma Shri D. R. Kaarthikeyan in the World of IT, our committed team is further empowered to face the future hindrances and the global competition. We shall always look forward to his guidance & direction for the development of members.

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IT Icons - Well Wishes

  • Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

    Ex-President of India

  • Azim hashim Premji

    Chairman of Wipro Limited

  • Bill Gates

    Chairman of Microsoft

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    Founder of Facebook

  • Steve Jobs

    Founder of Apple

  • Narayana Murthy

    Infosys mentor Narayan Murthy

  • Kailash Vijayvargiya

    State Cainet Minister Minister of Industries & Employment

Eminent Patron-ITDCI

Mr. Anup Bagla – Expert Consultant-Process & Environment

The Board of ITDCI is proud to Honor Membership to Mr. Anup Bagla- Consultant-Process & Environment and holds Special Expertise/interest in Learning,Creativity,HRD, and Social with Sustainable Development. Thanks to Mr. Anup Bagla for the patronage extended to ITDCI members /stakeholders.Presently he is engaged & provides customized Consultancy services related to Process & Environment. Beneficiaries comprise of National Multinational Organizations viz. Stanley Consultants (India) Pvt. Ltd., Nippon Koie and other Organizations at different project sites in India AND now ITDCI-India to facilitate ‘National IT Literacy Mission”

100+ Members - Recent Registered

  • HM: 193602- Mr. E. Prabhakar Reddy – District Honorary Member / District President - WADUPSA (Warangal District Un-Aided Private Schools Association)

    Location: Warangal, TG-India

  • HM:193603- Mr. Challa Dharma Reddy-M L A of Parkal / Division Honorary Member

    : Parkal, Warangal- TG-India

  • HM :193604 - Mrs.Konda Surekha – MLA of Warangal East / Location: Warangal East

    Warangal, TG-India

  • TG: 01/10: DVHC: 193605 - Mr.Pranay Karingula - Adilabad Division Coordinator

    Adilabad, TG India

  • UP01:OM14 – 193606 –Mr. Shreesh Chandra Srivastava- Director: Alambagh Industrial Training Institute

    Alambagh, Lucknow U.P. India

  • TS10: PM01: 193607 – Mr. Sambaraju Aedunuri :Hanamkonda Project Manager

    Warangal District Telangana State India

  • MP05: OM14 - 193608- Mrs.Shilpa Jain - Director – Nishir Institute of Art & Craft

    Bhopal - M.P. India

  • MITI: 193609– Mr. Vivek Dwivedi - Mentor IT –Internship

    Indore M.P. India

  • HM: 193610– Mr.Aroori Ramesh- Wardhannapet M.L.A

    Warangal- Telangana - India

  • TS10: PM02-193611– Mr.Sai Kumar Gunishetti - Warangal Circle-1 Project Manager

    Warangal- Telangana - India

  • TS10: PM03-193612 – Mr.Srimanvas Veludandi-Warangal Circle-2 Project Manager

    Warangal- Telangana - India

  • TS10: PM04-193613 – Mr.K.Prashanth - Project Manager Hasanparthy

    Warangal- Telangana - India

  • TS10: PM05-193614 - Ms.Bhagavathi Choudary - Warangal Project Manager

    Warangal- Telangana - India

  • Guj05: OM14 - 193615 - Center Head Mr. Chirag Kishor Kothari – Chairman : Inside 2Morrow Institute of Advance Information Technology - Rajkot

    Rajkot- 360001, Gujarat India

  • TS10:PM06-193616 -Mr. Daroori Revanth Kumar Acharya Project Manager - Hitech City- Hyderabad –Zone

    Hitech City Hyd –Zone TS India

  • TS10:PM07-193617 - Mr.Sripathi Mahesh – Project Manager - Kondapur, Mandal: Station Ghanpur , Hyderabad –Zone

    Station Ghanpur TS India

  • : WBk01:OM14-193618 – Mr. Raj Kumar Sharma – Center Head - Institute of IT Development- Lalbazar- Kolkata

    Kolkata -WB India


JOBS @ ITDCI Calling!

ITDCI, Works Related to Ministry of IT & HRD, requires Division & District wise coordinator on revenue sharing basis.


National Head Coordinator – India & Overseas: Mr. Sreedhar Kadudula Mob: +917416439276, South India HQ Ms.Srujana Balla Mob-9246181836 Andhra Region: Mr. Varaprasad Mob-9030009397 email: Kerala: Mr. Jaimon Kuraikose, Mob-9446119885 email: Hyderabad : Mr. Srinivas Arepalli, Mob: 9494499555 North India HQ: Ms. Soniya Krishna Katta Mob- 8096465889 email: J & K: Mr. Abdul Rehman Khan Mob-9796338175, email: Madhya Pradesh- Mr.Aman Shroff Mob:7879992267


IT Development Council of India- National Head Coordinator/ Committee Board Member / ITDCI Canada Team Member.

Mr. Sreedhar Kadudula has more than 10 years Experience of Higher Education Management prior to ITDCI association.He has managed Schools, Colleges & Institutions. In view to his extensive contacts across the nation, ITDCI assigned to manage the expanding demands from our members, centers and as well from scholars & professionals nationwide. more

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